Jacqueline's Profile, 1962 ceramicThis turned dish titled Jacqueline's Profile, 1962 is of red earthenware clay with glaze decoration, knife-engraved with black patina.  

It was created in an edition limited to 100 and is stamped on the bottom "Edition Picasso 55/100" and "Edition Picasso".  It also has the stamp of Madoura Pottery.

In early 1962 Picasso created many of his linocuts, generally in a brown color very much like the terra cotta color of this ceramic.  Jacqueline was the subject of many of his linocuts, paintings, and ceramics during this period.

In May, 1962, the Museum of Modern Art in New York presented a large exhibition in celebration of Picasso's 80th birthday.

In November and December Picasso created 22 engravings and near Christmas created a realistic portrait of Jacqueline's daughter, Cathy. 

Picasso created many drawings and oil paintings this year while working also in sheet iron, cardboard, and painted tiles.

Marilyn Monroe died in 1966.  Google shows about 15 million results for "Marilyn Monroe" and about 40 million for "Picasso".