Black Face, 1948This turned plate, Black Face, 1948 is of white earthenware clay, decoration in engobes, and knife engraved underglaze.   Picasso created several versions of this black plate with varying colors and designs for the face elements.

In this year Henri Petiet, a Parisian art dealer, bought the Vollard Suite prints from the Vollard estate where they had been stored since Vollard's death in 1939 (due to an auto accident).  Although the 100 images were intended to have been kept together in sets, Petiet is the first to have sold the prints and he sold them in both groups and individually.

In August, 1948 Picasso attends the "Congress for Intellectuals for Peace" in Poland, the first time he is on an airplane.

After he returns Françoise is pregnant with their second child, Paloma.

In Paris there is an exhibition of 150 of Picasso's ceramics.