Woman (unique), 1955 ceramicThis turned pitcher titled Woman (unique), 1955 is of white earthenware clay, decoration in engobes, and glaze inside. 

The ceramic is unique but similar to others Picasso created in 1955 as illustrated in the Madoura catalog as item number 301.

Note the unusual style of the ceramic form and the playful figurative elements and appealing face.  When Picasso would create a pitcher he would abandon the traditional forms and decorations to create one unique to Pablo Picasso, as this example demonstrates.

On February 11, 1955 Picasso's wife Olga died of cancer or tuberculosis.  Although she had been separated from Picasso for more than a quarter of a century, they never divorced so Picasso would not have to lose so much financially.

Picasso goes to Vallauris and does not return to Paris until late 1966.

In June Picasso buys a Belle Epoque villa, Le Californie in Cannes overlooking Cap d'Antibes, surrounded by large gardens and eucalyptus trees and later to be studded with sculptures.  All four of his children visit him there.