Le Corsage RayeThis lithograph, Le Corsage Rayé, was originally drawn by Picasso on April 3, 1949.  In June, 1978 Fernand Mourlot, Picasso's lithographer had the image recreated in a slightly smaller size in an edition limited to 300 copies.   The translation was undertaken by  lithographer, Henri Deschamps (1898-1990). 

Deschamps was a master printer at the Mourlot Atelier and worked with Picasso in printing his lithographs since 1945.

The Mourlot stamp and seal of SPADEM, the authorizing body governing the Picasso estate are on the print.  Fernand Mourlot's initials are signed in pencil on the back of the print, which is on Arches paper.

This image also appears on the cover of the catalog of Picasso's lithographs by Hatje Cantz, published in 2000.

On April 3, 1949 Picasso created an earlier version of this image in 5 colors.  Later in the same day he added black resulting in the image shown here. 

Two weeks later on April 19, 1949 his daughter Paloma was born, named for the Dove of Peace posters throughout Vallauris.  
This was Françoise Gilot's second child with Picasso.  The 1949 Peace Conference started the next day in Paris.