Harlequin posterThis poster, Braque - Picasso - Rouault et Matres Contempororains du Musee du Gemmail de Tours was created for the 1964 exhibition at the Musee de Gemmail in Tours, France.

It was printed by Imprimerie Mourlot in Paris in 1964 in an edition of 1,000.  The phototype and lithography were by Mourlot lithographer Henri Deschamps.

The Deschamps poster design used as subject the Picasso oil painting "Seated Harlequin".   That painting is in the Kunstmuseum in Bern.  A copy of the painting is in the Picasso Pavilion of the Hakone (Japan) Open Air Museum.

The same harlequin image appears in another Picasso poster published on the occasion of the exhibition of Swiss collections held in the Palais Beaulieu in Lausanne from May 1 to October 25, 1964.